Measurement Guidance

Standard Measurements:

1. Length: Measure along the back from the base of the neck (where the spine starts) to the base of the tail.
2. Neck: Measure around the neck at the base, typically where the collar sits.
3. Chest: Measure around the chest where it is widest, typically right behind the front legs.

Additional Custom Jacket Measurements:

4: Neck to belly: Measure the distance from where the collar sits, through the front legs, to the base of the belly. (This will help determine how long we make the underbelly of the jacket)
NOTE: Video description is outdated - please use this and follow the image provided
5: Front chest width: Measure the distance between the front two legs (This will determine how wide the jacket will be so that there is good coverage but no chafing.)

Don't have a flexible measuring tape?

No problem! You can easily use a piece of string or ribbon, and then hold it up to a standard metal measuring tape to record the measurements.

Or, if you'd like us to send you a flexible measuring tape, order our swatch samples which include one!

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