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What Dog Parents Love About Our Products

How We Give Back

Wag Theory believes that businesses have a unique opportunity to give back to the communities they serve.

We believe that all humans deserve the companionship and support that dogs provide, regardless of economic status.

That is why a portion of product sold is donated to Portland Animal Welfare (PAW) Team to further their mission of providing free veterinary care and supplies to the pets of people who are homeless or living in extreme poverty.

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Key Holiday Dates for 2021 | Wag Theory
Key Holiday Dates for 2021

As you might have heard, the supply chain is a bit of a mess and shipping logistics are jumbled. These particular challenges will mean that your typical holiday shopping adventure will probably look quite different this year. Luckily I’ve been monitoring the situation closely for several months so I’m feeling as prepared as I can be given the wild ride we are on! But I want to ensure that you're prepared, too!

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Behind the Scenes: Designing the Rain or Shine Fabric | Wag Theory
Behind the Scenes: Designing the Rain or Shine Fabric

Designing the Rain or Shine fabric was a project I started working on in June 2021 based on a few goals I had been kicking around in the back of my mind. I actually wasn't sure I would be able to pull it off, but it turns out, any thing is possible! ;-) 

Here were my initial goals:

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4 tips for keeping your dog gear organized | Wag Theory
4 tips for keeping your dog gear organized

One of the biggest pain points I have as a dog mom is feeling like there is dog stuff EVERYWHERE in our house. In order to combat this issue, I came up with some ways to categorize and organizing our dog clothes, toys, supplies, and gear. 

My two biggest goals when organizing are:

  1. Have a place for everything so I can easily find it later
  2. Be able to quickly access what I use frequently

None of my organization tips below require you to have a Pinterest-worthy space or matching bins. You can certainly make it that way if you choose, but you'll see that I've personally chosen function over fashion when it comes to my organizational strategy ;-) 

Without further ado, here are my top four tips for keeping your dog stuff organized!

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