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Care & Cleaning

Wag Theory Dog Apparel + Accessories

Waxed Canvas Products (Jackets, Backpacks, Hip Packs)

Waxed canvas is an amazing material that is long-lasting and water-resistant, but does need a bit of care over time to maintain its repellence. 

  • To clean, gently use a scrub brush with water, rinse, and let dry. 

  • For spots or stains, use a bar of mild bar soap, saddle soap, or waxed canvas cleaner, but always test a small area first. 

  • After significant wear (such as your jacket has dried out or lost water repellence), it is suggested that you re-wax your item with a product such as Otter Wax

  • Do not machine wash, dry clean, or use detergent on your waxed canvas products.

Denim or Cotton Care (Bandanas)

To maximize the life of your product, hand wash or machine wash on delicate cycle with cold water and lie flat to air dry.

Biothane Care (Leashes)

Biothane is a coated nylon webbing that can easily be rinsed or washed with water and a bit of mild soap and left to air dry.

Nylon (Treat Pouch)

For best results, brush off all loose dirt with a soft bristle brush. Evenly spray on a cleaning solution (can be simply water or a mild non-detergent soap). Gently and evenly scrub with a soft bristle brush, then rinse until all soap residue is gone and allow to air dry.