Thank you for all of the love and support over the years. Wag Theory is now closed.

Welcome to Wag Theory

We make stylish + functional dog products for active pups. 
And we think dogs make our lives delightful.

Behind the Scenes with Jenny

About the Founder

Hello! I’m Jenny, the founder of Wag Theory. I believe dogs bring love and meaning to our lives, which is why I am inspired to create handmade goods that foster the connection between pups and their people.

Over a decade ago, someone shared a documentary with me that would change my perspective on consumption forever. It was called “The Story of Stuff” and summarizes why we tend to accumulate so much and the impact this pattern has on the whole world.

This, along with my desire to express more creativity in my own life led me to dream of making something that would serve a specific purpose and be long lasting. 


I live in the Pacific Northwest where a quality raincoat is essential for every family member. Unable to find the design aesthetic and features I wanted in a jacket for my dogs, I set out to make my own. With no formal design background, this was quite the endeavor! But I love solving problems, so I rolled up my sleeves and started making prototypes utilizing durable and water repellant waxed canvas.

I quickly realized there were other dog parents, like me, excited to invest in high quality, locally made gear for their pups. I gathered design feedback and scoured dog measurement data, and refined my patterns until I had my products ready to sell online (in 2020) and then at local in-person markets (in 2021). 

Having a business that allows me to combine my creative passion as a designer and maker and my love for dogs makes me excited to wake up and start work each day, and I sincerely hope you you will feel the love and joy infused in every handmade Wag Theory piece.

Wag Theory Manifesto

We stand for a world where every dog is valued and adored.
We believe they teach us to be more kind, patient, and light hearted.
We smile more when dogs are around.
We believe in the joy of everyday adventure.
We believe that life moves fast, but moments should be savored.
We want to bring joy and connection to the community we serve.
We stand for craftsmanship and smart design.
We believe that quality matters, for ourselves and for our pets.
We strive to learn and grow every day.
All with our dogs by our side.

Our Process

It Starts with Solving Problems

My process typically begins with a problem statement that needs to be explored. I research and brainstorm ideas, fabrics, and features that might solve the issue, taking into consideration all of the important variables such as ethical sourcing, cost and overall feasibility. I always want our goods to hold up to your daily adventures, so performance and safety are top of mind from the beginning.

Smart Design + Testing

Most product ideas are first sketched by hand and then prototyped. Once we think it’s ready for prime time we do a lot of testing (with a variety of dogs and owners), especially if the product requires multiple sizes. Just like when designing for humans, we know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for most dog products. So we gather as much feedback as possible and continue adjusting until the function and performance solves the problem in the most efficient and effective way possible!

Ethical Manufacturing - Proudly handmade in the PNW

I also believe it is a company's responsibility to provide transparent information about sustainability, sourcing, and manufacturing so consumers can be well informed about where their products come from and who makes them. 

All production currently takes place in Portland Oregon. The majority of my collection is still handmade by me, though I do outsource some projects to a local sewing partner that runs her own small business just blocks away from my own studio!

As the business continues to grow, I strongly believe that every person deserves to be compensated with a living wage, and it is my commitment to never outsource manufacturing to a partner or facility that does not adhere to fair working standards. 

Wag Theory Studio

Want to stop by and see where the magic happens and check out the gear in person? We'd love to have you! The studio is open by appointment only so shoot us a note through the contact form to coordinate your visit!


Giving Back

We Support PAW Team

Wag Theory believes that businesses have a unique opportunity to give back to the communities they serve. We believe that all humans deserve the companionship and support that dogs provide, regardless of economic status. 

That is why we are proud to partner with Portland Animal Welfare (PAW) Team to support their mission of providing free veterinary care to the pets of people who are homeless or living in extreme poverty. We currently donate $1 per order to this organization to further their mission.

In addition to working with PAW Team on an ongoing basis, Wag Theory also donates additional funds, product, and gently used or damaged product to a variety of other causes related to animal rights, human rights, and racial justice.