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Size Guide - Jackets

side profile of dog indicating dog apparel measurement points


In-Stock Jacket Size Chart

Wag Theory jacket sizes are categorized first by length.
There are three important measurements that ensure proper fit: length, neck, and chest. The dog measurements listed below are based on the ideal fit for each jacket size. If your pup does not fit into the range of measurements below, you may want to consider ordering a custom jacket.



Small - 12

12 in

9-11 in
14-19 in
Small - 14 14 in 10-12 in 15-20 in
Medium - 16 16 in 11-14 in
18-25 in
Medium - 19 19 in 13-16 in
19-28 in
Medium - 22 22 in 16-19 in
20-32 in
Large - 25 25 in 18-21 in 26- 34 in
Large - 27 27 in 20-23 in 28-38 in


Measuring your Dog

It is highly recommended that you measure your dog before choosing a size. If you need further assistance, check out our Measurement Guidance page.

Image Gallery

Check out the Jacket Gallery to see what the jacket sizes look like on a variety of dogs.

Size by Average Breed

Breed sizing varies widely, so we strongly recommend measuring your pup to get the most accurate fit. This chart provides general guidance on Wag Theory sizing compared to an average breed type as a place to start, but please understand that some breeds span multiple size ranges or require custom sizing regardless.


 Breed Average Size
Akita 25
Alaskan Malamute 27
Australian Cattle Dog Custom
Australian Shepherd 22
Basenji Custom
Basset Hound 25
Beagle 16
Belgian Malinois 25
Bernese Mountain Dog 27
Bichon Frise 14
Border Collie 22
Boston Terrier 14
Boxer 22
Bulldog (English) Custom
Bulldog (French) Custom
Bull Terrier 19
Cairn Terrier 16
Cane Corso Custom
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 14
Chihuahua 12
Chinese Crested Custom
Chow 25
Cocker Spaniel 16
Collie 22
Dachshund (Mini) 12
Dachshund (Standard) 16
Dalmatian 22
Doberman Pinscher Custom
Doodle (Mini) 14
Doodle (Small) 16
Doodle (Medium) 19/22
Doodle (Standard) 25
English Mastiff Custom
German Shepherd 25
German Shorthair Pointer Custom
Golden Retriever 25/27
Great Dane Custom
Great Pyrenees 27/Custom
Greyhound Custom
Greyhound (Italian) Custom
Havanese 12
Irish Setter 25
Irish Wolfhound Custom
Jack Russell Terrier 14
Labrador Retriever 25
Maltese 12
Newfoundland Custom
Papillon 12
Pembroke Welsh Corgi 19/Custom
Pinscher (Mini) Custom
Pit Bull 22
Pomeranian 12
Poodle (Standard) 25/Custom
Poodle (Mini) 14
Pug Custom
Puggle Custom
Rat Terrier 14
Rhodesian Ridgeback 25
Rottweiler Custom
Schnauzer (Mini) 16
Shar Pei 19
Shiba Inu 19
Shih Tzu 14
Siberian Husky 27
Springer Spaniel 19
Staffordshire Terrier 15
Vizsla 22
Weimaraner 22
West Highland Terrier 16
Wheaten Terrier 19
Whippet Custom
Yorkshire Terrier 12