Product Spotlight: Commuter Backpack | Wag Theory

Product Spotlight: Commuter Backpack

May 21, 2020

I am so excited to officially announce that the Commuter Backpack is now available! 

This ridiculously cute dog backpack has launched in four color options -- navy blue, hunter green, burgundy red, and chocolate brown -- with coordinating plaid interior.

It might be helpful to understand a bit about my background to see how the pieces lined up for this product to come to life.

Several years ago I started to make bags and accessories (for humans) that fit needs for travel, work, and life under the brand name Jo Rose Design. Organically this evolved into prototyping stylish yet functional products I desired as a dog owner. 

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Super simple sweet potato dog chew recipe | Wag Theory

Super simple sweet potato dog chew recipe

April 30, 2020

These days, many people are finding themselves baking and cooking more at home. I’ve enjoyed way more than my fair share of homemade brownies, cookies, and scones. To the point that my waistband has called for a time out. ⁠

So I’ve started seeking out recipes and treats to make for the pups instead. One of our current favorites is SUPER easy and only takes one ingredient: A sweet potato or yam!

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Keeping your active dog busy while you work | Wag Theory

Keeping your active dog busy while you work

April 13, 2020

As the weeks go by and quarantine stretches on, we are all working to adjust to the "new normal" and what it means to be at home all of the time. For many of us, this is the first time we've had to work exclusively from home, and it takes time to adjust!

So we thought we’d share a bit of insight into how we’re structuring our days and keeping our two young active labradoodles busy.

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Supporting PAW Team | Wag Theory

Supporting PAW Team

April 06, 2020

Wag Theory believes that small businesses have a unique opportunity to give back to the communities they serve. That is why we are proud to support Portland Animal Welfare (PAW) Team to further their mission of providing free veterinary care to the pets of people who are homeless or living in extreme poverty. 

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5 Products for Surviving Rainy City Walks | Wag Theory

5 Products for Surviving Rainy City Walks

January 27, 2020

Alas, winter is upon us, and in the Pacific Northwest, that means rain. Lots of it. Weather apps have gotten smarter at telling us when the rain will let up, but sadly, some days it will be relentless and we'll be forced to go out for potty breaks and walks in the midst of a downpour. 

The secret to keeping sane during these dreaded days and months is all about having some solid gear and a positive attitude.

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Write the Story As You Go | Wag Theory

Write the Story As You Go

March 24, 2019

I recently listened to a podcast with a message that truly resonated with me. The primary take-away was that we don’t always have to understand how each decision or action will play out as we are experiencing it. Today, we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

I love that concept. We are all writing our own stories as we go, and sometimes it can feel jumbled and disjointed in the day-to-day. But often there are themes that stitch together and work even better than if it was planned with foresight.

After some reflection, I can see how this is true with my own path.

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